The AIR SPENCER Cartridge is a car air freshener made in Japan by Eikosha Co. Ltd which was established back in 1951. It is a well known Japanese manufacturer of air fresheners for cars, homes and offices. Eikosha Co. Ltd is the leader in the automotive air fresheners industry on the Japanese domestic market.

The AIR SPENCER Cartridge can is roughly 7cm in diameter and 3cm in height. It has 2 sides which can be opened like a can of tuna. It is recommended to open one side at first, then after sometime when the scent is wearing out, the second side can be opened to let the air through the can which helps to bring more scent out into the air of your car.



Step 1: Open the AIR SPENCER cartridge

Step 2: Remove the metal lid and dispose of thoughtfully

Step 3: Cover the cartridge with the protective plastic lid