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Japan Auto Perfume is an Australian importer and distributor of Eikosha Co. Ltd products. The Australian owned and operated business has been established in 2011 with the sole intention of introducing Australians to an alternative (and best on the market in our opinion) automotive air fresheners.

When the company was established we stocked just 11 of the most popular AIR SPENCER cartridge products. Since then we now have over 25 scents available in our online shop. Japan Auto Perfume continues to meet consumer demands by listening to our customer base and stocking your favourite scents.

Eikosha Co. Ltd products meet and/or exceed it’s high standards for fragrance longevity, quality and variety. The company, which we represent here in Australia, is committed to produce high-quality, long-lasting and affordable products providing the best fragrance experience possible.

We invite you to explore the website to see our full range of automotive air fresheners. From a ripe apple to sakura and everything in between – we have a scent that you will love!